Full Season Faba Bean Photo Log

This Faba Bean photo log was recorded in 2010 and now just being published on agmapsonline.com. This was our second attempt at growing Faba Beans. The crop looked good but did not yield quite as well as we would have hoped. The following year we grew a high protein, well yielding wheat crop which was partly attributed the the soil conditioning of Faba Bean plants.

Faba beans planted at 80kg/ha into 2009 wheat stubble at 66cm spacing with Excel single disc opener.
Simazine and glyphosate (aka Round-up) sprayed for weed control.
Simizane is a pre-emergent residual chemical that is used to control broad leaf weeds and annual grasses. It acts by inhibiting photosynthesis (source).
Most seeds germinated.
Check out the photo gallery to view dates each photo was taken.
Harvest was on 28-10-2010

The video was recorded in this crop. It shows off the Faba Bean flowers.

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