Disc Planter Photo Log

In 2009 we wanted to try out planting with a disc planter with minimum outlay. Up until this stage all planting was done with a narrow point on a tyne. The advantages of using a disc machine is there is less soil disturbance, high planting speeds, better seed placement and lower fuel usage. Down side is there is higher service requirements and conditions need to be just right.

We purchased what seemed to be an old home made shielded sprayer. We removed all the spraying bits so we had an empty bar, painted it and added four support wheels. We then attached 16 Excel Single Disc units to the bar on a 0.66m spacing with the idea to apply urea and plant chickpeas.

The units were a success and in 2010 we bought a complete Excel planter bar and units on a 0.333m spacing which we used to plant 100% of our winter crop in 2011 and 2012.

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