Flood water satellite image NW NSW & SW QLD

If you were wondering where the agmapsonline homepage image comes from – this is it. A  Landsat5 image captured on 23-03-2010. We have had two floods that have exceeded this flood level since.

Notice that the cotton paddocks remain completely protected. In fact you will find many cotton farmers still irrigating during large flood events. Other areas where the water spreads out is useful for filling moisture profiles and dropping valuable nutrients.

This is not a ‘true colour’ image. Of the three layered bands used to create the image I have only used one colour band and that is blue. The other bands used to produce the image are near infrared (NIR) and short wave infrared (SWIR). The SWIR, NIR and Blue bands are applied to the red and green and blue scales respectively to produce the image that you see.

This combination shows up healthy vegetation as bright green and water as blue (even though inland water is generally brown). Learn more about this here.

Click on image to view it full size.

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