My first QGIS plugin: BigButtons

I’ve recently started playing around with QGIS plugins on my Windows 8 (and 7) machines. After working through the initial process which I discussed here I had a go at making my own (very) simple plugin.

The purpose of the plugin was to allow easy access to zoom and pan functions for a touch screen laptop such as my Panasonic Toughbook.

I use the BigButton plugin in conjunction with QGIS Tracker and OpenLayers. I mounted a GPS on a quad bike with my Toughbook and went out to record a trip with live Google Maps underneath. This worked to a point.

Warning: Using these three plugins together is riddled with bugs. Just the ones I notice from 10 minutes use include:

  • BigButtons will not work properly while QGIS Tracker is Tracking GPS Location as it is programmed to keep the marker centered. Once tracking is stopped BigButtons functions as normal.
  • As the marker direction from QGIS Tracker changes in reference to the GPS bearing the Google Satellite from OpenLayers plugin will go white underneath.
  • BigButtons ‘Cycle Layer’ currently only works if you have all layers in a single group – and even then can do some strange things – needs work!

Download QGIS Plugin tested on Windows with QGIS 1.8: BigButtons-Experimental

Photo of my quick and dirty GPS setup on quad bike:

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