Publishing GIS data on the web: Lizmap

Lizmap is Open Source software that has the capacity to display GIS data on the web with minimal effort once it has been configured correctly. This software sets itself apart by making use of the QGIS Server in a unique and user friendly way. In essence this allows the user to configure a map in QGIS desktop software and simply run a basic plugin to publish their data on the web with a Google Maps satellite or street layer as a base map.

I have setup Lizmap software on my server to demo its capabilities. I left the original demo map of transport in Montpellier, France and added my own with data from Lindon – one of our properties. I hope to demo its mobile device capabilities soon.

Check out my Lizmap demo here


Lizmap Web Client displaying Lindon property map.
Lizmap Web Client displaying Lindon property map.

More information about Lizmap:
Lizmap Web Client Documentation
Lizmap QGIS Plugin Documentation

Combining Yield Data

Yield data is collected from most modern harvesters. This data can be used to analyse a crops individual performance, compare with previous crops and combined with several years of data to generate statistical maps. In this post I show you three individual years yield maps for one paddock: wheat, sorghum and chickpeas. Using this three seasons of data I then ‘stack’ them on top of each other to produce maximum, minimum and mean. These statistics can then be used as a starting point to develop paddock zones to apply variable rate fertiliser or seed.