Nuffield UAV study prelude

After an eye-opening Nuffield global focus program through South Africa, Kenya, Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and USA I am in the final stages of planning for my study topic travels.

My study question aims to investigate: the potential of unmanned aerial/ground vehicles (UAV/UGV) in the grains industry

Note: I will keep an eye open on UGVs but the topic is too big if I try and focus on both! Therefore, the primary focus will be UAVs.

Objectives include:

  1. Investigate the perceived benefits of UAVs
  2. Understand the individual components that contribute to a UAV solution
  3. Consider strengths, weaknesses and standout features of different UAV manufacturers
  4. Evaluate end user experience so far with UAV technology
  5. Record current development and future use for the technology

Beneath these over arching objectives include many of the FAQs many people have such as:

  • How do we handle the data?
  • Which sensor is the best?
  • Will UAVs actually help farmers make better decisions or just generate more data?
  • What about the rules and regulations?
  • Can a farmer own his own UAV or is it a specialist occupation?

To achieve these objectives I will be traveling the the USA and Canada in July-August 2014. During my travels I will attend three conferences, meet with at length with three UAV companies, discuss end user experience with farmers and advisers, and lots more…

As per Nuffield requirements I will be producing a comprehensive report on my findings which I hope to have completed by September 2014. Once edited and approved it will be available at the Nuffield International Reporting page.

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Sponsor and media: Nuffield Scholarship page

Previous article of interest: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in Precision Agriculture


Finwing Penguin Aerial Mapping
Finwing Penguin Aerial Mapping

2 thoughts on “Nuffield UAV study prelude”

  1. Ben,
    My name is nicolas bergmann and I´m from Argentina. I noticed you are going to be in the US during july-august. Im going to the InfoAg 2014 conference in St louis. Are you going to attend it? If so, I would like to talk to you about UAV´s for agriculture. In Argentina the technology is “green”, and I´m very interested to start making experience in my country.
    thanks in advance. Nicolas


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