Full Season Chickpeas Photo Log

Here is another photo log from a couple years ago. Chickpeas, once introduced as a break crop from a crop rotation dominated by cereals (i.e. wheat and barley) is now just as important and can be just as profitable as wheat and barley. Although chickpea varieties are getting better all the time they are still susceptible to water logging and disease due to too much rain. The variety used in this season was ‘Jimbour’. We have now switched to ‘Hat-Trick’.

The season was set up to be a bumper crop with great crop establishment and moisture profile but then it just kept on raining and we ended up with a lot of plant and not many peas in the pods due to water logging, disease and wind. Enjoy viewing some of the hardships of farming.

The video is me harvesting chickpeas, but not this particular crop.

Full Season Faba Bean Photo Log

This Faba Bean photo log was recorded in 2010 and now just being published on agmapsonline.com. This was our second attempt at growing Faba Beans. The crop looked good but did not yield quite as well as we would have hoped. The following year we grew a high protein, well yielding wheat crop which was partly attributed the the soil conditioning of Faba Bean plants.

Faba beans planted at 80kg/ha into 2009 wheat stubble at 66cm spacing with Excel single disc opener.
Simazine and glyphosate (aka Round-up) sprayed for weed control.
Simizane is a pre-emergent residual chemical that is used to control broad leaf weeds and annual grasses. It acts by inhibiting photosynthesis (source).
Most seeds germinated.
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Harvest was on 28-10-2010

The video was recorded in this crop. It shows off the Faba Bean flowers.

Barley progressing nicely and Chickpeas not too bad

This year we are growing the malt barley variety commander. This photo was taken 26th July 2012. We had 60mm of rain for July. This crop was planted 14-05-2012.

These ‘hat-trick’ chickpeas were planted 16-05-2012 into a paddock that has never had peas before. Despite a wet May and June are doing OK. Note water drainage in wheel tracks. Photo taken 26-07-2012.