Ag Maps Online has been created as a result of my combined interest in agriculture, Geographic Information Science (GIS) and more recently web development.

My name is Ben Boughton, I work full time on my families farming operation Gilroy Farms which is located in north west NSW, Australia. We grow mainly wheat, chickpeas, barley and sorghum.

My interest in GIS has stemmed from some study in precision agriculture I did at university and exposure from consultancy agencies I worked for during and post uni.

I hope you enjoy the website. Any questions or comments you can comment below or contact me at ben@agmapsonline.com.


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Would you please share how you wired your Autonomous vehiclet? I have a similar project using a electric wheel chair. I have a sabertooth controller but I’m confused on how to wire it to the APM.


  2. G’day Ben,
    I’m researching an article for OUTBACK magazine about drones and their use in agriculture, so would be really keen to interview you over the phone about it. What’s a good time/number to ring you over the next few days?


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