Summer 2012/2013: Weeds & Wind

We are now well into April and you can start to feel a chill in the air. I was updating my phone this morning which means backing up all my photos which I have taken over the last few months. Its been an interesting summer with I’ll attempt to cover briefly with my poor quality phone photos. We also grew some sorghum this summer, but that is covered in other posts.

Cracks in barley stubbleThe 2012 winter crop harvest went well with good standing crops and little rain during the operation. We were left with big stubble loads and very dry, cracked soil.

Spraying at nightWe did not seem to get much of a break after harvest and we were straight into our summer weed control spraying program. This particular night the bugs were bad.


The spraying continued. Each storm that came through even if only a few mm would bring up more weeds. Thankfully we are able to cover large areas with a boom width of 36m.Paraquat

This year we applied more paraquat than ever to combat our rising glyphosate resistance issues. Combining several modes of action we were able to control most problem weeds and prevent them from seeding.

Barnyard grass

This photo shows where we had lightly disced a headland to to level it out. Unfortunately, due to burying surface seed and disturbing our residual chemical, this promoted an extremely high germination of barnyard grass.

Storm Damage

Storm Damage 2

We had a couple wild storms this summer. They did not bring a lot of rain but managed to do plenty of damage.

Gil Gil CreekIt took a cyclone off the east coast, but eventually we did get the rain to fill our soil profile and set us up for a 2013 winter crop.

Urea Application

By February we had started applying urea for our winter crop. We used a disc seeder so there was minimal soil disturbance and low fuel consumption.

Then it rained again – we did more spraying…

I am looking forward to the 2013 winter growing season. Good luck to everyone and God bless!